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Tuesday, 21 December 2004

What kind of question is that?

Tom rightly takes someone to task for what appears to be an ill-informed, reactionary, passive-aggressive rant for what I thought was a perfectly reasonable business card.

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Isn't it considered bad form to reveal personal details on such a preliminary document? I've been taught (on the opposite side of the pond, granted) that things like resumes and business cards are supposed to be about cold hard credentials, not personal facts. Wouldn't it be just as easy to have a vanilla card, and then when you get into the interview drop something about, say, how you want to make sure the company doesn't mind you displaying gay pride symbols? Then they still have the option of not calling you back - so you're out pre-employment, but HR isn't put immediately on guard by (maybe) bad application ettiquette...

Posted by: Fluffy on December 21, 2004 11:38 PM

I thought that the whole point of the card, Fluffy, was to be tongue-in-cheek and try and cut through the bullshit of "cold hard credentials."

Posted by: Brian W on December 21, 2004 11:42 PM

Ill-informed, reactionary, and passive-aggressive? No.

I just don't give a rat's behind what someone's sexuality is, and if they take a chance to shove it in my face (or hand, or Rolodex, or Address Book), then that's no different than a straight male employee walking around saying "I like big boobs."

Both are firing offenses. Sexuality has no place in the workplace. Bosses don't have a right to ask, and employees should simply keep it to themselves.

Fluffy raises the other side of things: you don't need to ram your sexuality down someone's throat to make sure they are a "gay friendly" workplace. There are other - and far more tactful - ways of going about it.

Posted by: Erik J. Barzeski on December 22, 2004 12:45 AM

Protestant work ethics; why are we so desperately trying to make everybody into a robot?

In any case, once one is past the cold-hard-facts, an important consideration to make is if the candidate will mingle well with the rest of the team, no? I think that this would be difficult to establish from the standard "facts". Perhaps Tom is "guilty" of not naming his little mock-up a "contact card", but to be honest, by the time a CV makes it to my desk, the dry facts are all the same, so individuality/personality is where it's played. But this was really all about a business card, which is a networking tool, not specifically a job-seeking tool, and I've always welcomed anything that would make anyone's card stand out, so that short of a pciture ID, I would remember the individual "behind" the card.

Posted by: François J. Perreault on December 23, 2004 08:17 PM

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