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Saturday, 18 September 2004

Not in Cambridge anymore...

Last night's dream was weird. It started off with me taking the train down from Cambridge to London with a bunch of friends (startlingly normal for one of my dreams, then: no pre-credits explosion or earth-shattering digital surround sound. All rather innocuous, really). It only really started to go strange when we got off the train at King's Cross... and found ourselves back in Cambridge.

I'm not quite sure what episode of what TV show that was meant to be referencing.

Anyway. With all of us suitably freaked out (and not quite knowing what the implications were for the local space-time continuum) just by arriving at the place we'd left 45 minutes ago, what then hit us was that the place was deserted. Ghost town. Nobody there at all. Quite creepy. Faced with that, we all headed off to someone's third-year college room where the only thing amiss was that there was an extra (read: unfamiliar/couldn't-quite-put-my-finger-on-it-but-shouldn't-have-been-there) lock on the door. We quickly worked out that there was something strange about the screws holding this lock against the inside of the door (something about them being magnetic?), so we opened it up and found a particle accelerator inside.

At that point things went completely mental and the practice manager at my local GP surgery wandered in and told me that I couldn't see that doctor anymore because I lived too far away.

So yes. A weird dream. You?

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