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Monday, 03 May 2004

BBC News 24 (2003 remix)

David Lowe is the guy who did the music idents for BBC News 24; there's a CD available of his work for BBC World. Oh, and he's the guy behind that Touch & Go song. Anyway. BBC News 24 trails: you can get most of them here.

If you're weird like me, you'll stick on one of the longer trails, put it on single track repeat, turn on a suitable visualisation (I recommend WhiteCap's Table of Fury) and then stare at it for about half an hour.

This post was brought about because I'd only just noticed (ha) that the theme had been remixed. Anyway, the channel doesn't seem to be running 35 second plus trails anymore like they used to a couple years back.

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The new graphics for BBC News really remind me of Rez.

Posted by: Stephen Fulljames on May 3, 2004 12:10 PM

Ingemar Hedlund Jun 28, 2005 9:02 PM
BBC News 24 (2003 remix)
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