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Thursday, 26 February 2004

Thursday Trawl

I don't know why I bother: I build up a cache of links at work to stick online when I get home and I find out that at least half of them have already been covered by those loveable alpha grumps. Anyway.

I think I love Patricia Hewitt - she's taking a politically suicidal stance on protectionism and free markets:

We know, the US knows, that protectionism is the road to recession. If we in government and business and the City want open, dynamic markets, and we do, then we have to make and win the argument that trade will benefit everyone, not a global elite, not a few but the many. [more, The Times, registration probably required]

Ann Winterton does it again, Prince Phillip'd better watch out (otherwise he'll go all slitty-eyed. Ha):

MICHAEL HOWARD last night dismissed Ann Winterton as a Tory MP after she refused to apologise for a racist joke about the death of 20 Chinese cocklers in Morecambe Bay.[more, The Times]

And now a diversion: I hate Novell's Groupwise 6. Today's pet hate is that in list view there seems to be no keyboard shortcut for replying to a message. Hitting the intuitive control-r amusingly marks the currently selected message unread. Hitting control-r again, even more amusingly, fails to mark the now unread message read. There is apparently no keyboard shortcut whatsoever for replying to an email. This is on top of such UI niceties as not even having the sodding standard alt-f-c file/close menu item in windows which means you actually have to use the mouse to close a window. Bastards.

Heh, Clare Short. I wish I'd seen that:

Well, you knew it was going to be fun watching Clare Short make a dork of herself on a reality show, but not this much fun. No, certainly not this much fun. Then again, nobody with this much self-regard, nobody so disastrously, vainly vulnerable to flattery that they make Malvolio look genetically immune to compliments, nobody so convinced that perhaps she alone has all the answers to the worlds economic and social ills, and who inhabits a moral plane so high that it would give mere mortals vertigo, nobody who is so able to screw their courage to the sticking place, and then unscrew it again ignominiously a few days later without feeling any shame, nobody with such qualities was going to emerge from a show like My Life in the Real World (BBC Two) with what was left of their credibility intact. [more, Times]

No, really, it genuinely does look like Clare Short as a teacher was piss-your-pants hilarious:

"Please don't argue. Please. Quiet, please. Settle down, please. Can I just have some quiet, please. Stop it, you two." It's early in the week, but Miss Short has already lost both the respect and control of her class. She wants to be their friend, it seems, rather than their teacher. She's trying to do a lesson about map-reading but they're all just mucking about, chatting and throwing things around. Ever the politician, she claims it all went quite well at the end of it. An interesting group she says - noisy, but they were working. No they weren't, Clare; it was an absolute bloody disaster. [more, Guardian]

Caitlin Moran on poor fat people (as in, lack of money, not sympathy):

As we all know by now, its generally poor people who are getting fat. The middle-class maxim has always been that you should be earning your age in thousands per annum. The modern working-class version of that is that you should be weighing your age in stones; which, Im proud to say, I had managed by the time I was 11. [more, Times]

Judge in iPod shocker. I read a judgment the other day, probably British Midland Tool wherein the decision was not only witty but even included a lengthy section on nuking a Windows 2000 machine. It was actually quite readable. Anyway:

So the revelation on Wednesday that Mr Justice Mann, sitting at the High Court Chancery Division, not only knows what an Apple iPod is but actually owns one - will come as a surprise to many. [more, BBC News]

Goddamnit it. When The Times isn't even able to accurately use apostrophes you really do despair. Tory's what, exactly?

Tory's [SIC, I TELL YOU, SIC] to hold gay summit [more and more, The Times, for crying out loud]

Greenspan rocks:

The US Congress must take action to reduce the swollen US budget deficit, Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan has said. Mr Greenspan urged Congress to cut spending, particularly on the state pension scheme, social security, before the Baby Boomer generation starts to retire. [more, BBC News]

Absolutely sodding hilarious Microsoft Office advert. Must resist making mean security comment. Oops. Too late.

Great moments at work: 9:52 a.m. No e-mails asking to set up file sharing. [image]

I love how 70% of respondents in the USA said they'd die for their God or beliefs.

Sigh. I need to think about this:

WASHINGTON - The House voted Thursday to treat attacks on a pregnant woman as separate crimes against both her and the fetus she is carrying. Critics say it would undermine abortion rights by giving fetuses new federal legal status. [more, Yahoo news]

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