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Wednesday, 11 February 2004

Wednesday trawl


Macintosh synchronization is something that the Palm OS used to offer, but won't any more. Mr. Slotnick made it clear that PalmSource isn't developing a Mac version of the Palm Desktop. As the way the PIM apps work has changed significantly, this means Mac users won't be able to HotSync without third-party software. [more]

Re-implementing Solitaire on Longhorn:

It all began several months ago when I happened to be in a meeting with my new "Longhorn" laptop. When I'm in a meeting, I find that I zone out if I'm not intimately involved in every topic. When this happens, there's a very real chance that I'll start handling e-mail or writing code or doing something else useful 'til *zing* someone asks me a question, but all I hear is "..., Chris?" and I look up like a deer caught in the headlights. To avoid this unpleasant situation, when I begin to drift out of a meeting, I generally start up the most popular Microsoft Windows® application ever—Solitaire. [more]

I have eight days away from the office starting tomorrow. GPRS rules:

The information on this page has been supplied mainly by users of my Apple GPRS scripts, though one or two network providers have supplied data (officially or through an employee). It may be subject to change, particularly as GPRS networks mature. [more]

Spoilt insufferable idiot spends £12k on father's credit card, is unrepetant, buys "nice things". Watch my mouth foam:

A TEENAGER who stole his father’s credit card, flew to Rome and spent £12,000 on designer goods and smart hotels has blamed his parents for not taking him to the January sales. Tom Smith, 17, took his father’s NatWest Mastercard and Switch and went on a four-day spree because he was fed up with the weather and wanted a Prada coat. [more, Google trawl]

Department of Constitutional Affairs - goddamn getting rid of the Lord Chancellor, I'll never forgive them for that - plans for Supreme Court:

Plans to establish a Supreme Court for the United Kingdom were unveiled today by Constitutional Affairs Secretary Lord Falconer. As part of the radical modernisation of Britain's constitution, Lord Falconer said it was vital the people who ultimately interpreted the laws were clearly separated from the people who make the laws. [more]

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