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Friday, 06 February 2004

Thursday Trawl

It's late. Sue me.

Elgin marbles to be laser-scanned:

Hundreds of fragments of the Parthenon’s sculptures, scattered across ten museums in eight countries, are to be brought together in a computerised mapping exercise that could eventually lead to a physical replica in marble. [more, The Times]

MPs should use websites, a tiny number use them well:

Only a tiny minority of elected councillors - less than 5% - try to communicate with voters through the web. [more, Guardian]

Computer forensic experts call floppy discs "Archers":

Increasingly, computers seized from suspects act as a virtual crime scene. Many offenders remain unaware that internet usage leaves footprints that can be traced, and that files, emails and images can be recovered even after they have been "deleted". The difficult part of Barrett's job is not recovering the evidence, but wading through the material to find what is relevant. "We're looking at the whole contents of the hard disk - all the existing files and all the deleted files, and when you consider that one 1.4Meg floppy disk produces 500 sheets worth of A4 - a Jeffrey Archer, we call it in the business - you can imagine that a 20 or 30 gigabyte computer disk would produce several lifetimes of reading material. You've got to know how to express the search terms to find just what you want." [more, Guardian]

Anatole Kaletsky seems to think that Bush in '04 isn't a dead cert:

t is, of course, too early to hang out the Democrats’ blue bunting or even to be certain that John Kerry will be their candidate; but Tuesday’s primaries and caucuses in Missouri, South Carolina and five other states strongly suggested that the Democrats will unite around a credible nominee. Bush will thus face an even tougher contest in the forthcoming election than he did in 2000 against Al Gore. Given that almost all political experts, not only in Washington and Wall Street, but also in London, Brussels, Tokyo, Moscow, Beijing and the Middle East, still seem to take a Bush re-election for granted, the global implications of what has happened in the past few weeks could be immense. [more], The Times

Letters to the Editor - Chief Exec of the Countryside Alliance doesn't rate the BNP's chances:

The BNP would need an unprecedented electoral surge to gain a European parliamentary seat in her own East of England region in June. In the 1999 Euro elections the BNP polled 0.9 per cent of the vote in the region. To gain a seat in the European Parliament it would have had to get 9 per cent. The highest BNP votes in that election were in the West Midlands and London, where the party polled 1.7 per cent and 1.6 per cent respectively. [more, The Times]

BBC launches BBCi Connector, looks like some sort of annotation service:

By using web pages as meeting points, Connector allows you to find and talk to people who have similar interests to you! [more, BBCi Connector]

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