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Wednesday, 04 February 2004

Wednesday trawl

infoSync World reviews the Sony Ericsson Z600:

For those looking for a clamshell phone, the Sony Ericsson Z600 certainly comes recommended. Not only does it harbour a great amount of advanced functionality, it also offers a user friendly menu system where all functions are handily available. Certain performance issues were noticeable, but nevertheless this handset performs better than any other clamshell phone we've tested to date. [more]

Commission Regulation (EC) No 65/2004 requires the establishment of a system to develop and assign unique identifiers for genetically modified organisms:

[An] operator placing on the market products containing or consisting of GMOs is required to include, as part of that relevant information, the unique identifier assigned to each GMO as a means of indicating its presence and reflecting the specific transformation event covered by the consent or authorisation for placing that GMO on the market. [pdf full text]

Transgenic zebrafish produced by retroviral infection of in vitro-cultured sperm:

Here, we report the production of transgenic zebrafish from cultured sperm. The sperm were differentiated from premeiotic germ cells infected with a pseudotyped retrovirus in vitro. The collected sperm were used to perform successful in vitro fertilizations, and transgenic embryos were identified. The transgenic fish transmitted the proviral integration to the next generation in a Mendelian fashion. [abstract]

And related to the above, mice produce sperm from monkeys:

Mice have been used to produce viable monkey sperm using tissue transplanted from the testes of macaques. The US scientists involved say their work might one day help to conserve animals that are facing extinction. [more]

About time - Nokia patents a self-configuring virtual keypad for mobile phones:

The processing unit is configured to determine a virtual keyboard for the touch pad and a tactile appearance of the keyboard, receive information generated by the pressing of a keyboard key and identify the key that was pressed on the basis of the information. The processing unit)is further configured to collect information on the key presses and carry out an analysis of them, and re-determine the tactile appearance of the keyboard on the basis of the collected information and the analysis carried out so as to make the keyboard more ergonomic for the user, which makes it easier to use the keyboard and/or the pressing of a wrong key less likely. [WIPO, search for WO 2003/107168]

Design concepts for inflatable hab modules initially for ISS now probably used for Moon/Mars missions:

Twelve reports present concepts for the design of structural and functional systems, subsystems, and components of the proposed TransHab module an inflatable, lightweight habitation module that would be used by crewmembers of the International Space Station and would serve as a prototype of habitation modules for future spacecraft on long missions (e.g., missions to Mars). [more]

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