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Tuesday, 20 January 2004

Single Female Lawyer

Of all the tracks to be randomly selected on the way to work today, the most amusing was the theme from Ally McBeal. Fortunately, there are many differences that separate my life from that of a fictional single female lawyer:

  • Have yet to see giant dancing baby in office;
  • Am not an attractive yet stick-thin woman;
  • Also, am not actually a lawyer. Or an attorney, never mind an attorney-at-law. The only thing I do at-law at the moment is bludgeon it in a researching and drafting type manner;
  • Have yet to earn pots of cash (but, curiously, am learning how to spend as if I'm earning pots of cash);
  • Have not yet seen talented pianist and singer perform at local pub;
  • Do not work with anyone who has dyed their hair because of a brain tumour;
  • Offices are not bright and palatial;
  • Don't have a therapist;
  • Thus have not been advised to pick a theme song; and
  • While I haven't passed the bar exam, I've passed a bar exam of sorts.

On the other hand:

  • Am quite stressed;
  • Am also quite busy; and
  • Get to walk around and pretend like I'm carrying lots of important pieces of paper.

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