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Monday, 12 January 2004

Burn the witch

Today's Channel 4 Snowmail covered in part child porn:

"The imminent boom in 3G mobile phones will allow paedophiles to access child porn on pay-as-you-go phones with impunity, according to the National Children's Home charity. We are on the case and exploring why. We'll be asking whether jailing directors in carrier companies found pedalling this filth might bring them to try to control it."

I realise that this is a tired form of criticism, but a few observations:

1. Child porn is evil and bad (not disputed in any way at all).
2. Telephones let paedophiles order porn using credit cards.
3. Actually, credit cards let paedophiles order porn.
4. Cameras let paedophiles take pictures.
5. In fact, sometimes porn is printed on paper.

In related news: Gutenberg's bones were dug up today and ceremonially hung when it was discovered that his invention of the printing press enabled paedophiles to be billed for the porn they ordered.

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pollas.dk Jan 13, 2004 12:24 PM
What's going on in this world? Now Danish media has picked up on the British story that camphones (3G in particular for some reason) will prove a threat to children...
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