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Thursday, 04 December 2003

If you can't beat them, take part in their trial

The UK government, pretty much determined that it will pass biometric ID card legislation, has announced a trial of technology to be used in the cards. The trial will involve 10,000 volunteers:

The six-month trial run by the UK Passport Service (UKPS) will test facial, iris and fingerprint recording and recognition. Each volunteer will receive a personalised smart card carrying both printed and electronic information. Results from the trial will help inform the Government's plans to introduce biometric passports and driving licences, and build a base for the national identity card scheme. [press release]

I'm interested in this (I've written about it before: one, two), so have signed up to take part in the trial on the basis that it'd be interesting to know what they're planning to do with the full-scale system. Of course, the downside is that all my information will then be recorded. No big loss, seeing as legislation is likely to go through anyway.

You can sign up, too, here:

The recruitment of volunteers will be managed by MORI to ensure a representative sample of the UK population. Any requests to take part in the trial should be directed to Melanie Briere, MORI, on telephone number 020 7347 3023 / email trial@mori.com.

Bear in mind that one of the objectives of this pilot is "to assess customer perceptions and reactions". And, of course, with a mooted 40 charge for each card, we're all customers in this together.

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How do I become part of the trial? I am all in favour of ID Cards.

Posted by: Richard Kellaway on April 27, 2004 09:55 PM

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