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Tuesday, 07 October 2003

The Direct Marketing Association (UK)

Tom wants to know (at least, he does in his linklog) if we can do in the UK what Dave Barry did [Miami Herald, Slashdot] in America. Far be it for me to suggest doing anything untoward, but a little simple research produces the Direct Marketing Association (UK) Ltd. In their own words, they are:

Europe's largest trade association in the marketing and communications sector. We were established in 1992, following the merger of various like-minded trade bodies, to form a single voice to protect the UK direct marketing industry from legislative threats and to promote its ongoing development. This is reflected in our mission statement: "To maximise value for our members, whilst maintaining and enhancing business and consumers' trust and confidence in the direct marketing industry" [DMA Background]

I feel bound to point out that the DMA operates a few services that are of interest (and, probably, use) to consumers which are listed on the consumer page. Whether or not you regard yourself as a consumer we'll leave to one side, but it's worth visiting just to sign up for the TPS (Telephone Preference Service, the UK's version of the Do Not Call Registry, and that's been around much longer), the MPS (Mailing Preference Service, TPS for mail - there's also a Baby MPS for baby-related mailings), the FPS (Fax Preference Service, likewise for facsimilies) and the E-MPS (Email Preference Service, likewise for email). It's probably worth signing up for each and every one of the above as is applicable unless, of course, you're more paranoid than most.

If you are going to contact them, please bear in mind the above services, don't do anything silly, and let it be on your head. You can find their contact details here.

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