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Thursday, 14 August 2003

No white flag above my door

  • One Hundred Interesting Mathematical Calculations, no. 18: Sunscreen
    "Strange mutant freak near-albinos who would drive our remote ancestors away, gibbering in terror!"
  • Den Beste on Europe's Future:
    We can't discount the possibility that in fifty years the EU and most existing national governments in Europe will be gone, replaced by a new Fascist dictatorship, which among other things chooses to make the investment in a modern military and which hopes to use it in yet another round of world conquest. And we might not be able to interfere before this point, because France has nuclear weapons. Even though Europe won't have the ability to threaten us using conventional forces for the next few decades, they do have the ability to threaten us with nuclear conflagration.
  • Jeremy Zawodny announced Yahoo News's RSS feeds, but they're not quite ready yet.
  • The trailer for Paycheck is out, yet another Phillip K. Dick film. Yay.

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2lmc spool Aug 14, 2003 6:45 PM
Dan Beste on the future of Europe
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I've commented on the Dan Beste thing on the spool (well, kind of; there should be a trackback ping around here somewhere) but another thought occured to me this morning.

Beste says 'that basic business psychology is one of the biggest reasons why Germany's economy has stagnated for the last ten years, a period in which the US economy expanded dramatically.' Um, well, perhaps it's a factor, but the US didn't just absorb a country with an collapsing industrial economy, complete with generous exchange-rate tagging, and the Germans did. It's a minor miracle the economy didn't just fall over, if you ask me.

Maybe a minor point, but I thought it was worth stating somewhere.

Posted by: paul mison on August 15, 2003 08:48 AM

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