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Wednesday, 13 August 2003

Fair? Balanced? You^WThe Court Decides!

  • Google celebrates Alfred Hitchcock's birthday, you've probably seen their new calculator by now.
  • I wish to draw attention to the fair and balanced nature of this site.
  • The Washington Post covers the Hutton Inquiry, for a US take.
  • O'Reilly's David Weiss road tests Quark 6 for OS X.
  • MacRumors on new PowerBooks
    "Deciphering Mac rumors is as much an art as it is a science. Unfortunately, clear and direct information is rarely offered. Instead, pieces of information must be collected and interpreted..."
  • Think Secret published a look at the Finder and System, part five a few days ago. I completely missed it.
    "Panther now includes a nifty OpenGL effect when launching applications and opening files. The file's icon scales larger, fading out as it grows." - I hope I can turn it off.
  • Great Wired article on artificial diamonds and a scared De Beers.
  • Via makeoutcity.com: alternatives when in the Matrix; military adverts in the WaPo Online (I saw the same in the print edition, wasn't the first time I'd seen them, nor was I fazed).
  • BBC News: embryonic stem cell first
    Human embryonic stem cells have been grown in the UK for the first time, a team at King's College London announced on Wednesday.

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