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Tuesday, 05 August 2003


Things done:

  • Packed
  • Moved
  • Unpacked
  • Taken pictures of furniture damaged whilst Moved
  • I am Jack's IKEA furniture assembler
  • Swore at IKEA Malm bed
  • Swore at hole in dining table
  • Been confused at curious lack of television signal from one socket and mysterious extra television signal from another altogether more sinister socket
  • Swore at garage full of things that aren't mine that I don't want
  • Swore at garage for which I appear not to have the key
  • Swore at news of train delays
  • Swore at utility companies for having the foresight to send me bills before I actually move in, backdated to a month before I moved in anyway
  • Bought soap
  • Washed mouth out with soap
  • Discovered leaky sink u-bend after washing out mouth
  • Inevitably swore again

Things yet to do:

  • Dissertation design presentation
  • Take train from Liverpool to Cambridge
  • Discover train from Liverpool to Cambridge has been delayed
  • Pay bills
  • Pay more bills
  • Get "pay bills" tattooed on hands
  • Watch someone install a cable internet connection
  • Watch someone else deliver a fridge and peer over their shoulder while they do arcane things with pipes and tubing (i.e. install a washer/dryer)
  • Pay an exorbitant amount of money to check that my gas fire doesn't kill me while I sleep
  • Pay a further exorbitant amount of money to have someone else tell me how easy it is to fix the kitchen sink
  • Go to a picnic
  • Meet far too many people for far too much coffee
  • Start my job
  • Rest. At some point

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