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Tuesday, 15 July 2003

Tuesday Afternoon

  • Rent-a-cow.
  • As far as I'm concerned, data loss with Mail.app (silly name for an application) isn't confined just to the below-par email app, it seems to happen whenever you're using UW-IMAP on OS X. Entourage X on this machine is set to copy incoming listmail from a POP account to a local IMAP account. About 10% of the time it fails due to a mailbox lock error, mostly when it's attempting to copy 10+ messages to the IMAP account.
  • Simon's got some good points about the uselessness of the word 'blog' in which he, inquisitor style, attempts (and succeeds) to justify his views.
  • Buggered if I know what relationships in Address Book for OS X means. If it really is for showing which of your friends are with other friends, it's an unbelievably stupid interface for doing so. Let me have a spider view and drag links between people, that's much more fun. And quicker. Oh, and prettier too, probably. And undoubtedly in brushed metal. I'll stop now.
  • MacRumors says Apple might start selling movies. Seeing as an Apple VP said this, it's not really much of a rumour. Interesting, though. Now, if they let me download brand new Angel episodes either on the day or before they're aired in the US without adverts, and, say for a three dollars a piece, I'm game.
  • One last Apple thing: crack-fueled and badly written.

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>One last Apple thing: crack-fueled and badly written.

And yet, you link to it. Why? Because the article makes some sense after all.

Posted by: DJ Bobo on July 15, 2003 10:37 PM

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