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Tuesday, 08 July 2003

Being a continuing tale of Apple woe

It all started last Monday when I noticed that a hinge screw had gone inexplicably missing from my PowerBook G4. This prompted the first call to AppleCare, whereupon I found out that screws aren't the sort of thing that Apple ship out to customers on a whim. Or even on a valid support contract. I called on Wednesday to arrange a pickup and was told that a very nice person would be here on Friday to take the laptop away, regardless of whether I was going to do it through my extended warranty.

Thursday night, the combo drive started making noises while burning backups, and on Friday morning--the day of the return--I called and asked if it'd be possible to have Apple look at the drive as well as replace the screw. Probably not, but I was more than welcome to leave a note with the machine. Oh, and by the way. The machine wasn't going to be picked up today, seeing as the request for the pickup that was supposed to have been made on Wednesday wasn't, it was made on Thursday. Which means Monday or Tuesday the following week.

Monday was fun. I stayed at home and waited for an imaginary courier to turn up.

I did the same today, too.

Dear Apple: Please sort out your shipping. It's starting to get annoying.

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Ah ha, sounds like you've got your own local version of Airborne Express out there. They like to claim all sorts of things and then deliver at random times that might or might not bear any relation to the time predicted, or to what you thought you were paying for...

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