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Thursday, 03 July 2003

Reviewed: The Hulk

Judging by popular opinion, The Hulk didn't have much going for it on the basis of the trailers that were released (the latest one is here), mainly because the Hulk didn't look particularly Hulk-like, and instead looked like a tiny green plasticine man who liked to jump around the tops of trees. Er, sorry. I meant canyons. Really, I did.

In spite of the terrible little green man effects, from the beginning of the credits to the end of the film I was riveted by the editing and the cinematography. As others have said, this is what a comic book would look like if it moved. You've got multiple camera views on screen, and a whole plethora of shots that convey the same kind of energy. In one wonderful transition, Bruce (Eric Bana) looks down at a photograph of himself and Betty (Jennifer Connelly) and as the camera zooms in, the picture comes to life and we find ourselves in the park where the photograph is being taken. Shots like that impress me, and not just in a technical sense. It really felt like an appropriate transition.

Bronwen pointed out that the film's dialogue does seem to be one of its downfalls: characters keep repeating the same things to each other, and Bruce's father (Nick Nolte) manages to do this in practically every scene. Among its other failings is what probably should've been an amusing fight scene in the woods but seemed as if it was going on too long, and the incredibly weak ending and the inevitable franchise setup.

No, I still have no idea what happened at the end. I tried, I promise.

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