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Wednesday, 02 July 2003

Apple Woe, Continued

There's something deeply unsatisfying about the lack of Apple Stores in the UK: you can't just walk into one, talk to a Genius, and have your machine repaired free of charge if you're under warranty.

I can't even walk into the offices of my nearest Apple dealer and get a repair done: apparently "all Apple laptops get shipped to Holland" - well, that seemed to be half-true with my airport card (replacement shipped from Holland, though the machine itself was shipped to somewhere in SE England).

As it stands, my laptop's due to be picked up by courier sometime Friday, my second repair under extended warranty. I'm more or less happy with AppleCare, the main annoyance is one of time, something I'm not sure they can do much more about given the fact that repair operations seem to have been centralised in Europe.

They probably just want me to buy a spare laptop.

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If it helps...they have the same problem in the States, too. Most laptops are shipped off to Texas to be repaired, no bones about it. I hate that they can't be cared for in the shops, it's really irking.

Posted by: Tom Bridge on July 2, 2003 01:28 PM

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