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Monday, 02 June 2003

Look ma, no wires!

I was sitting in a car parked on a street on Friday afternoon and idly reading email when the laptop unexpectedly announced the presence of a wireless network. An unsecured one, no less. The signal was a little too weak to get a good connection (I ended up angling the laptop's antennae windows out of the car in a comical fashion), but hey, it was a novel experience.

Of course, by now, it was all rather exciting: catching on to wardriving a little late, maybe, but interesting nonetheless. A short drive to the cinema to catch l'auberge espagnole [official site, IMDB] resulted in catching forty nine networks, of which ten were secured using WEP, the most alarming of which was a CVS Pharmacy network (SSID cvsretail) which didn't have WEP enabled. Now, I know WEP isn't exactly secure, but there's no harm in trying--provided you're implementing something else as well, is there?

Judging from the SSIDs, around forty percent of the secured networks were for residential use anyway.

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