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Tuesday, 20 May 2003

Tuesday Morning, EDT

  • TidBITS roundup of three FM transmitters for the iPod.
  • I bought a Bluetooth dongle from the Apple store the other day. Okay, actually, the second day I was here. I'm not entirely sure what I should do with it, although my phone does like reminding me what time British TV shows are on now.
  • It's Tuesday, so new tracks at the iTunes store.
  • Mac OS X filesystem performance comparison includes ext2.
  • In Soviet Russia... they're American (via spool)
  • I ordered a ReBoot DVD. It arrives later this week. I am happy.
  • Via Gizmodo, Tablet PCs are starting to look cool. A primary teacher friend of mine has a Tablet as part of the laptops for teachers deal back in the UK. I am not jealous at all.
  • Now this is good: BT is going to roll in wi-fi with their DSL broadband offerings. This is seriously something I would switch providers for. Still waiting for the non-bundled prices to come down, though: unlimited T-Mobile HotSpot here in the US is $40/mo, $20/mo if you're a T-Mobile Subscriber. BT's OpenZone is 85/mo ($136) for unlimited access.

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