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Friday, 02 May 2003

We just gotta break it down

  • CBC News: David Murray, right-hand man to U.S. "drug czar" John Walters, says he doesn't want to tread on another country's sovereignty, but warned there would be consequences if Canada proceeds with a plan to decriminalize the possession of marijuana." There is, of course, a Metafilter thread.
  • Example emergency calls to Avon and Somerset Constabulary include complaints of not being able to get health insurance and wives not cooking dinner.
  • Via Daring Fireball, holding down the command key and dragging to resize iTunes 4 will let you use outline resizing, instead of full window resizing. Shouldn't it be option-drag?
  • David Basskin, of the Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency commented on Ben's iTunes Music Store entry to clarify the international licensing issues.
  • Cheating at Boggle. There's a Boggle-like game on Yahoo! Games called WordRacer that we used to play back in the second year of uni. A friend of mine noted that we were spending far too much time playing said game, and we ended up coding something that'd go through a dictionary and spit out all the words possible with the given matrix. Of course, we'd still have to type them in, but we still kicked everyone's ass. Said friend is now CEO of GrexEngine
  • I am looking for a prepay SIM I can buy in America. Please help.

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Taking Daring Fireball's article a step further, the command-drag in iTunes 4 on a G3 does the opposite - it allows full window resizing. It quickly becomes evident why this is a Bad Thing(TM) on G3s (iBook 600MHz in my case) as the resize movement jerks to less than 2 frames a second...

Posted by: Ollie on May 2, 2003 11:17 PM

Hi, nice blog.

Posted by: Paul Michael Smith on May 3, 2003 02:53 PM

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