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Tuesday, 25 March 2003

I read bad poetry into your machine

  • Yesterday evening saw the release of a new OS X security update and AirPort software. The former can be found in software update.
  • An interview with Mike Davidson of ESPN over their switch to CSS layout - 2TB/day bandwith savings projected.
  • A Washington Post article on spotting suspicious things: "The sign above the highway leading into the nation's capital advised motorists to "Report Suspicious Activity" and gave an 800 number for the Office of Homeland Security..."
  • Also from the WaPo: wiretaps and records searches are up; 170 Ashcroft-signed "emergency foreign intelligence warrants", three times more than the number authorised in the last twenty three years.
  • It looks like the UK will be getting Firefly in May, via Whedonesque.
  • Bronwen didn't like Cube 2: Hypercube. Pity. Its precedecessor was good.
  • Smartphone shipments to overtake PDA shipments in EMEA, reports The Register. Not a surprise. I really do wish El Reg would tidy up its presentation, every so often (and it's getting quite often), there's horrendous typos, sentences that fail to make any sense whatsoever and a complete inability to understand how to make a link.
  • Three culls from Gizmodo today: Nokia is going to make mobiles that can roam between 802.11b and GPRS, Sony's new Small Biped Entertainment Robot (I swear it's Sony that's forging ahead into Supertoys Last All Summer Long territory) and rumours of a new Palm OS 5 powered, colour screen, digital camera Zire
  • Matt attempts to put into words the effect that reading Greg Egan has on you.
  • CNet News says "Madonna is selling her new antiwar single, "American Life" on her Web site, charging $1.49 for the download of a high-quality, wholly unrestricted MP3 file."
  • Absolutely wonderful guerilla advertising on the Underground.
  • Before there was Ashcroft, before there was Ridge, before there was ready.gov, there was Protect and Survive.
  • Notes on Will Wright at PC Forum 2003.
  • BT and LastMinute.com announced a deal that would see DVD rental by post provided in 1,300 net kiosks around the country. Yawn. The service and price point sounded familiar: it's powered by movietrak, who I've used before and are pretty good.

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