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Thursday, 20 March 2003

Weapon of choice

  • Light linklog updates for the time being, my laptop's still refusing to work with airport of any kind, never mind the 'replacement card shipped from Apple' kind. Tech support reluctantly suggest me sending the whole thing off to them, but I'm going to try a nuke-and-pave reinstall of 10.2 tonight/tomorrow. Like you cared anyway...
  • Gore joins Apple. No, it's not a joke. Here's Apple's PR. Macslash and slashdot have coverage, and for the nth time: shut up about Al Gore and the internet.
  • iPod Software Update is updated to version 1.2.6, it makes batteries last longer or something.
  • The Danger Hiptop Sidekick Thing SDK is out.
  • Not a blog, but a Reporters' Log.
  • Nokia 7650 can record video now.
  • Google UI.
  • More Safari stuff.
  • ha
  • MIT Press rock.

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