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Saturday, 15 March 2003


  • Some quick Mac stuff: rumours of a 30in LCD from Apple, an O'Reilly article on X11, and NetNewsWire 1.0.1 is out (dmg.sit)
  • Via Metafilter, an amusing Christian Science Monitor article on words with French roots. Related: I finally got around to learning about the CSM's history, plus they have a bunch of RSS feeds.
  • Via The Culture, the DeLong effect, on personal spaces and flame wars.
  • New Scientist says that Sony can fit 30 hours of "MP3 music" on a single blank CD by using "the ultra-efficient data compression system used in MiniDiscs", which implies they'll be using ATRAC (old article), a lossy compression system, to compress MP3 encoded music. My brain is screaming that this makes no sense to me. It's getting increasingly difficult for me to work out what, exactly, New Scientist is blathering on about sometimes.
  • News at Whedonesque of an Angel RPG.
  • Wired's wishlist for 2013 is disappointingly unimaginative.
  • Tablet PCs are selling well, it looks like Pen Windows' time has come.
  • Adrian has been playing Freelance.
  • MobileBurn covers two new Nokia phones launched at CeBIT: the 3300 and the 6220.
  • 3G is here in the UK.
  • Orson Scott Card short story Dogwalker features in eWeek article about the Texas "hack".
  • One of two results from today's trawl of the Guardian: Social Change by Degrees.
  • And the second: PM's cupboard full of secret gifts. Blair got a half case of wine and a half case of cognac from Chirac, and a holdall from Bush.

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