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Friday, 14 March 2003

Wear Sunscreen, or, Keep Backups

So yesterday, thanks to Tom Dolan's prompting, I tried downloading Apple's December 2002 Developer Tools in 30 10MB segments instead of one 300MB download. Every single time I'd tried to grab the 300MB download it had stalled at around 50% or 98%. The segmented download worked, and I was terribly happy and began installing the new tools, mainly because I needed to start using Java 1.4.1. Until Entourage popped up a dialog on the screen:

"You don't have enough disk space. Just thought you'd like to know. I'm going to close myself now."

Oooh, thanks. So I checked. Yes, I was out of disk space. This was not good. I frantically deleted a number of Quicktime files I'd been hoarding (some of the Animatrix shorts), and freed up around 300MB or so. The installer finished. It wanted to reboot, I agreed. NetNewsWire crashed. Eh, I thought.

The laptop came back up, I logged in, and... something wasn't quite right. The dock didn't look right, for starters: there were far too many Apple apps in it. Aside from iTunes and iChat, there was some bizarre Apple logo on a spring next to my trash and some insane person had stuck every single Apple iApp in my dock. All of them! From Address Book to Mail to iPhoto to iMovie. The only thing missing was Safari.

Panic is usually a good course of action around now. The files that were on my desktop were prior to the heart-attack-inducing-reboot were, thankfully, still on my desktop. My network connection settings were still there. I loaded up Entourage, was was particularly happy that it reported no problems at all with its nigh on 1GB worth of mail. Then, I loaded up NetNewsWire, and discovered to my horror that apparently I only dreamed about being an infovore because I was only subscribed to, say, fifteen news sources.

Fifteen RSS subscriptions does not an infovore make. I'm sure that last time I checked, I had around one hundred and fifty. Typically, the last time I'd backed up to an OPML file was, say, over a month ago, and I'd added at least a few subscriptions since then. Well, at least ~/Library/Application Support/NetNewsWire/Cache/ was still intact. Or as intact as it could be, now that a horrifying bunch of it wasn't being updated.

Oh well. At least the Developer Tools work now. And I'm all Java 1.4.1_1-ified. I still can't persuade the System Preferences to make Google my homepage, though.

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Wear Sunscreen, or, Keep Backups
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