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Friday, 17 January 2003

Head Man

Via Whedonesque, Anthony Head thinks Ripper still has a non-zero chance of happening:

Is there any chance that the Giles spin off show, 'Ripper', will get made?

Everybody's still keen, which is good. It got a bit sideswiped by a show Joss was making for Fox called Firefly which has unfortunately been cancelled. But 'Ripper' is still on the cards. Joss still wants to write it. We're all basically still on the map. Joss fluctuates between whether he wants to start with a two hour pilot, or whether he goes straight into a series. At the moment he's favouring a TV movie - which suits me with my schedule at the moment! I'm thankful to say I'm doing a lot of stuff, and I'd love to seal that up and do 'Ripper' as well as everything else. [more]

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