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Friday, 17 January 2003

Danger Sidekick

Finally, the Danger Sidekick (Hiptop, whatever) hits the UK. Or, at least, it will do this summer. I suppose this is in part the US getting back at the Europeans for being stormingly ahead in mobile comms gadgetry.

Fans of the PDA in Europe can expect to see it in the shops by mid-summer. It is planning a colour screen and improved web browser, as well redoing the way the phone works after several critiques. [more, BBC News]

An aside: I really should've been reminded of this just from the look of the Sidekick/Hiptop, but it turns out that Danger was formed from a bunch of refugees from Apple and General Magic. General Magic, some might remember, had an interesting OS called Magic Cap which was distinctly MS Bob-like, was more object orientated than something you could message and ask to call its stick throwing method and pretty much an idea that was slightly too ahead of its time. I remember reading once that if Microsoft had stuck with Bob and added its inevitable net access, the result wouldn't have been too far off AOL's client. Oops.

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