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Thursday, 09 January 2003

I ain't dead

This week's been exam week, but here's something anyway:

  • "Clear Channel last week ordered its stations to take on the cost of simulcasting radio broadcasts over the Internet, prompting about 150 of its 200 stations to switch off their Web feeds." [Wired]
  • What does Safari mean for Omniweb? [Omniweb CEO]
  • Sony have announced a new Clie [Infosync]
  • Gates debuts SPOTs at CES, in an article that doesn't say very much interesting at all [CNet, BBC]
  • Like everyone else, I've been playing with Safari, if you have too, you'll probably want to read David Hyatt's blog, which has at least assailed some of my worries of its speed of development
  • Yes, I know this site doesn't render properly in Safari. No, I haven't had a proper look at fixing it yet. Yes, I will get around to fixing it.
  • Also like everyone else, I want one of these: 12in PowerBook G4
  • Oli has screenshots of Apple's X11 server
  • FTP in OS X 10.2.3 is rendezvous-enabled, now Apache can be too, with mod_rendezvous
  • Wtf? Cory Doctorow's new book Down and out in the Magic Kingdom is out and I was all ready to spend money and buy a paper copy. The damn thing's available under a CC license, so you can get it for free in ASCII text, HTML, and printable PDF. Now I've been guilt-tripped into having to definitely buy a copy without even having downloaded it yet.
  • Oh, and happy new year.

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