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Sunday, 08 December 2002

The Evil Site

My friend Arie made a site called The Evil Site (don't panic, there's a Good section), and after a while enabled commenting on the entries. Here's an excerpt from a comment on the Fox News Channel:

Jesus Chreeeiist! Okay, so this morning I wake up for a job interview and the Fox news live morning show is on (I dont recall the name.) featuring the typical 2 snarky guys and the perky blonde woman that is de rigeur for every morning 'news' show regardless of what channel it's on. So apparently Nelson Mandela said something yesturday that they took exception to ( as I recall he said something about how the United States isn't listening to the UN about their opinions vis a vis Iraq and the 'war on terrorism'. I may be somewhat off but anyway; this is where it gets good.) So the perky blonde woman says: "What does Nelson Mandela have to say about terrorism? I mean, he was imprisoned, unjustly, for 17 years but once he got out what has he done? What has he done about terroism?" Bitch PLEASE!!! [more]

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