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Wednesday, 04 December 2002

Sounding like you're not quite there

So, I did that radio interview thing today and realised half way through that I was probably sounding a little disorientated - at least one time during the interview I completely lose track of what I'm saying, which doesn't really put across the right kind of impression.

The reason for this was that while I was down in the BBC Radio Merseyside studio with my headphones on and sitting in front of the microphone, I suddenly realised that I could hear myself faintly with a two second delay. My brain thought this was incredibly interesting, moreso than actually concentrating on the task at hand: what happened was that I got distracted by the sound of my own voice (cue cheap shots) and lost all track of what it was I was going on about...

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It's hard to sound "all there" on the radio. I recently did an interview about Make A Shorter Link for an American radio show. I forgot the primary rule (NEVER go "Errrrrm...") and the guy cut me off, half-way through a stupidly long "Errrrrm," which was a blessing really as it wasn't going well at all.

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