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Tuesday, 03 December 2002

BBC Loving

A couple of stories about the BBC: the first is that the Digital Domesday laserdisc, which couldn't be read by today's computers, has now been unlocked thanks to emulation. Some have pointed out that the original printed Domesday Book is perfectly readable after approximately 1,000 years, though that seems to me to be missing the point: the printed Domesday book is "perfectly" readable if you're well versed in eleventh century English. Which I suspect the majority of people aren't. Besides, the original Domesday book isn't much accessible either, seeing as it's under temperature controlled lock and key (as well it should be). Quite why it isn't available online (such as the portions of Beowolf is a different story.

Of course, the BBC is still going strong on collaborative projects, and Matt Jones points out the Book of the Future, built on the rather nifty DNA hub.

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