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Thursday, 28 November 2002

Fascinating tasteless Flash of the day

Via Metafilter comes information about DARPA's project to create a self-healing minefield. On the one (slightly small, cool from a technological point of view), this is interesting, on the other, well, mines are evil.

It's been pointed out, though, that standard practice is to deploy a field of anti-tank mines (which are, apparently, trivially easy to remove using mounted infantry, seeing as the triggers for anti-tank mines are (supposed to be) insensitive to humans) and then protect that field by another deployment of anti-personnel mines. The self-healing field of anti-tank mines would then require no anti-personnel minds and (in someone's peverse world), would be Better All Around, never mind that some have pointed out that, say, no mines at all would be Better All Around.

This would be all well and good were it not for the surprisingly tasteless shockwave flash demo showing off the technology (where shockwave flash itself seems like a technical term of the project).

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