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Wednesday, 20 November 2002

Interconnected Comments

Matt has added comments to certain posts on Interconnected - here's an example of the beta.

I was really meaning to write down a little of what Pinker's ideas had triggered, but it looks like Matt's jumped the gun, which is probably a good thing. I'm now spurred to actually finish off the piece I'd started.

An aside: Matt's comment software is really good. Up until now, no one's really bound emails to weblogs automatically, instead making do with popup windows (lag! people pressing buttons tens of times just because the page hasn't refreshed or the form hasn't submitted or or or...). This is great, though. Send an email and:

  • You have a local copy of the comment you sent
  • The recipient of the comment gets it in a much more friendly format (well, slightly more firendly. I guess in some cases you can pull comments out of the db that they're being held in if they're being held in one, otherwise you're shit out of luck)
  • It's instantaneous! Fire and forget! The time taken between sending the email in response to Matt's post and it showing up in the comments listing was negligble. I know it's been sent (it hasn't bounced back), so everything's okay.

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