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Thursday, 14 November 2002

The Daily Show

The Guardian talks about news media catering to 18-34 year olds and mentions Comedy Central's The Daily Show (or, more accurately, The Daily Show With Jon Stewart):

Since September 11 2001, the show's guests have increasingly included heavyweight journalists, academics and politicians - expertly steered between the twin hazards of being boring and humiliating themselves in trying to be humorous with Jon Stewart, the show's host, who is a stand-up comedian by training. "More 18 to 49-year-olds get their news from the Daily Show than any other cable news programme," Comedy Central noted in a Wall Street Journal advertisement earlier this year. "Heaven help us," the ad concluded. [more]

I watched a bunch of The Daily Show while I was out in the 'States over the summer: it's kind of a blend of The Day Today (amusing animated infographics), Newsround (important news, lite) and Have I Got News For You (biting sarcasm and commentary). It's also completely hilarious. I mean, really. When I went up to New York to have a quick look round and meet up with some friends, I managed to get to a taping of the show (cunning planning on behalf of the people I was with) on the day they'd found out they'd got an Emmy nomination. I have never laughed so much, so loudly and in so small a space with so many cameras to either side of me before.

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