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Sunday, 10 November 2002

Sony DayCorder

By 2003, removable solid state media of the type used in digital cameras and mp3 players will reach between 1 and 2 gigabytes in capacity (Memory Stick 1, 2, Compactflash), which isn't surprising at all, really. What's fun, though, is thinking of new ways to use all this capacity in New and Exciting ways--Matt Webb and Steven Frank both came up with the idea of Conversational Tivo - a random access audio stream of your life [Webb 1, 2; Frank].

We don't have to use 3G anymore, or at least, we don't have to use it exclusively: we've now got enough storage space to simply spool to removable media if the bandwidth isn't there or we're out of range of a base station (heaven forbid we're stuck in a tunnel or in the middle of nowhere).

Without further ado, I present a stopgap product:

Sony Daycorder
About the same size of a Sony memory stick walkman, the Sony Daycorder has:

  • Memory stick slot, supporting memory stick sizes up to 2GB
  • Built-in condenser microphone, microphone jack and headphone jack
  • Backlit LCD (clock, alarm and so on)
  • Multi-purpose jog button: jog to one side to start recording, jog to the other side to stop, press inwards to add a marker at that point, jog and hold to the left and right to seek
  • Bluetooth chipset for trickle upload during the night to permanent storage (you're not talking, right?) - press to sync
  • Synching mechanism with any time and date/aware apps: calendar entries in calendaring apps are double-clickable to seek to that particular conversation, blog entries are linked to that time index on that day's archive

On the other hand, I'd be perfectly happy with a streaming 3G conversational tivo as well...

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