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Wednesday, 23 October 2002

Save early, save often

I'm sitting at my desk, Kennedy's playing Bruch for all he's worth and I'm trying to draw an influence diagram so that I can show I know how to model problems using spreadsheets. Or that I can look at problems, model them using influence diagrams, make the model in a spreadsheet, and then collect up to 7% of my mark for Comp507, Applications of IT.

Things I've noticed so far:

When you're trying to draw an influence diagram in, say, some hideously unsuitable software such as CorelDraw, be sure to save your work. Because there will be occasions when, for no explicable reason, you decide to right-click on the page canvas. And when you do, for an inexplicable reason, CorelDraw will crash and you shall lose all of your work.

When you then decide to use something like DOME, and see if you can do a DFD instead, and decide to arbitrarily right-click on the application workspace because you have the memory span of a gnat and, for all you know, Pavlov would never have published if you'd been the dog he'd been ringing his bell at, then Dome will crash and you shall lose all of your work.

The stack of paper that is sitting on my desk covered with almost embarrassingly rough sketches, and the pen sitting on top of the stack of paper, has not yet crashed. I am left wondering whether it would still be in the spirit of submitting the project report as a word document if a large number of pages in said document merely consisted of scanned in pages of hand-drawn diagrams.

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