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Saturday, 05 October 2002

Put a big cat in it

Well, that was a successful upgrade. Of course, by successful I mean that everything seems to be in the right place, nothing appears to have gone missing in a drastic "FUCK! EVERYTHING'S BROKEN!" manner, and the much vaunted "Everything works. Faster." feature is apparent, if not announcing its presence by screaming in my face.

This time round, I did something I wasn't going to do. I was confronted by a shiny box, with three nice shiny CDs inside it and about three hours. I was going to just forget about it until I got home, back everything up, wipe the disk and then do a clean install. Oh no. The power of archive and install had gotten to me, which rather explains why the laptop had booted up again and I'd been bored to death by the now-bland Apple logo that killed happy mac, I did the computer equivalent of checking if my keys were in my pocket and I still knew where my wallet was. I did, which was just as well, otherwise I would've got that sinking feeling you get halfway on a horrendously long journey when you realise that a) you don't have your keys, b) or your wallet and c) the horrifically expensive plane tickets you bought.

The next block of time was taken up with upgrading Fink so that it worked with Jaguar. Clue for Fink people: please don't make curl use -s. It's disconcerting. You sit there, you see that curl was supposed to go grab something very important and Nothing Happens. Or, rather, things are happening, it's just that you're not being told. Everywhere else in pre-Jag Fink, curl would happily display a progress meter so you could see, well, the progress. Not showing a progress meter scares me and makes me anxious. Making me anxious is bad.

Last observation? Sherlock is a total waste of time in the UK. Don't bother.

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