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Monday, 23 September 2002

No meringues in sight

Two of my friends from college got married over the weekend, prompting the usual "Who's next?" discussions and the realisation that, whether we liked it or not, adult life was slowly and inexorably creeping up on us. Everyone has graduated now (after waiting around a year for the laggards that had decided to do four year courses) and has jobs (or, as in my case, a job that starts next year).

Assorted tidbits:

1. Saying "we should do this again" when everyone's leaving doesn't really work, as it requires a wedding and a whole host of other arrangements.

2. The best man's speech was wonderful.

3. The bride was resplendent with beauty. The dress was perfect. You are asking the wrong person for a more detailed description.

4. Weddings should have best men, best boys, gaffers and key grips. It is left to the reader as an exercise what exact function the key grip would perform.*

5. Quite a few people seemed to have nightmares and/or sleep uneasily the night before the wedding. I have been informed that this is categorically not because anyone is suffering from marriage angst.

6. Nor is anyone suffering from baby angst.

7. If you stand too close to the married couple, you will catch married germs.

8. Apparently, wedding rings don't function as homing devices.

* Or even the best boy.

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