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Wednesday, 18 September 2002

Email is bloody amazing

I'm listening to a late night session on the radio. Someone comes on, and I'm pretty interested in whoever it is who's singing. I go over to the website (yeah, sue me, I'm listening to Radio 2) and work out who's singing it and what it's called.

Here's the part where email is bloody amazing. I want to remember what this song is. I could do what I normally do, which is open a text editor and write it down, then stick it on my desktop. I get as far as opening the app when I pause. I could, of course, also use desktastic, which would let me scribble it on the screen. I don't, because it's not loaded and I'd have to go into my apps folder, find it, load it, then write on the screen (also, I can't save that stuff--it disappears when the app closes). I could also open Stickies and make a post-it type not that would appear on my screen. Again, I have to open the app, make the note, and save it, or whatever. I could blog it. That would take time.

Instead, I just email it to myself. My email app is already open. I keep all my email, I have done, since 1994.

Bloody genuis, email is.

Um, everything above this sentence was in the first draft of this post. What makes email even cooler? Well, I could've emailed it to my blog. That would've been kickass. I could email it to some sort of calendar repository, which would also be nice. Or to my phone.

So, yeah. Email. Bloody genuis, buy it a pint or something.

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