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Wednesday, 09 July 2003

First Impressions: Sony Ericsson T610

Since 1998, I've used three phones: a freebie Philips handset from Barclays on a pay as you go account (either shortly after or before UK networks agreed on SMS interoperability), an Ericsson T18 on Vodafone, a Nokia 8210 on Orange, later upgraded to an Ericsson T39m.

The Nokia 8210 was by far my favourite of the lot: it was the smallest, it was the lightest, and its user interface was the most responsive. Good for Nokia, then, for making such wonderful phones. On the other hand, I can't remember much about the Philips handset at all, and as for the Ericsson phones, let's just say that in spite of what I may have said about the T39m, at least it was better than the T18.

So, I managed to upgrade to a Sony Ericsson T610 after a previous failed attempt--popped into an Orange shop, put down £89.99 for the handset, £9.99 for yet another wired handsfree kit and went home, plugged the thing in and forgot about it for about twelve hours while Orange sorted out with inexorable slowness the SIM upgrades and the dinky thing charged itself.

I've had the chance to use it for about six days now, so some first impressions:

Syncing contacts from OS X's Address Book via iSync worked perfectly. Less perfectly was calendar syncing, there seems to have been some confusion over timezones, and all of my appointments have been shifted by five hours. Now, this might have something to do with the fact that last time I synced I was on the east coast of the US, but I'm not happy in the slightest, least of which because neither iSync nor iCal have visible timezone selectors. My first guess was that the laptop and T39's timezone were both EDT at the last sync, a sync was attempted by the T39 wasn't found, and the timezone defaulted to the last one used, though this all falls down somewhat now I look at iSync's log, full of copious Europe/London references. I'd better be able to fix this. (During the course of this review, the timezones managed to sort themselves out. I have no idea how.)

The UI is fast. It can keep up with my keystrokes, and there's no menu navigation lag of the sort that was painfully evident with the T39. The only minor niggle is that every so often I end up pressing right or left on the joystick instead of pressing it in, but I suppose this is something I'm going to have to deal with or at least increase my muscle memory repertoire.

By default, the screen auto-dims after a while and helpfully displays a clock so you can find out the time without having to press any keys. Described like that, it sounds like a useful feature, until you realise that the backlight gets switched off as well, and you're left with an unlit colour LCD showing the time. It's pretty much unreadable, the phone looks as though it's been switched off.

I'm not sure what Orange are playing at, but they're shipping the phone with their own theme as the default, and it's hideous. The Orange screensaver is some bizarre box-shaped razor toothed animal galloping, or at least trying to gallop, there's probably a limit as to how fast the phone is willing to display what are probably animated GIFs or PNGs. There's one other theme on the phone from Sony Ericsson, and it's much more appealing. It's also blue and silver, so it gets easy points from me.

To their credit, Orange haven't done much customisation to the phone's firmware: pressing up on the joystick will take you to an Orange menu, but I haven't managed to work out if I'm being charged for accessing it. I hope not. I skimmed the manual to see if it mentioned call charges, but not much information was forthcoming. Likewise, there's an internet access button at the top right hand side of the phone that takes you to Orange's WAP homepage. These two services are duplicated as the first two entries in the phone's main menu. Unfortunately, I can't for the life of me work out whether I'm being charged for access to these services. It used to be quite simple: if I sent an SMS or made a call, I knew that I'd be paying something. Now it looks like if I accidentally press the wrong button, I might end up with some sort of data connection charge.

Others have mentioned that there's a problem with call quality, be it a hissing sound (sorry, couldn't hear any at all) or that the party on the other end of the line complained about scratchiness (no one has yet complained). I'm happy. Ring volume, though, does seem to be somewhat lacking, despite the copious "WARNING! LOUD RINGING NOISES CAN DAMAGE YOUR HEARING!" messages that pop up if you choose a loud ring tone.

Ah. The screen. Now, while some may think that the screen is unuseable, I beg to differ. It's useable. It's not as bright as it could or should be, and in (bright) daylight, you may have some problems reading it. I haven't. What I have noticed, though, is that I was under the mistaken impression that the onboard camera was completely useless: I had to bump the contrast up to +5 (ranges from -5 to +5) in the setup menu to see what I was supposed to be taking a picture of. The only real experience I've had with the camera has been taking some pictures, storing them and then looking at them on my laptop after having grabbed them over Bluetooth, besides, Tom has a perfectly serviceable collage of shots that he took from his T610.

Battery life, with Bluetooth on, seems to be around two days--could be better, then again I'm not using Bluetooth all the time, mostly just to sync.

I still haven't had it long enough--only been using it for about six days--but there's a good chance that it's going to be my favourite phone yet. It has a good featureset, it's small--one of the main reasons why I was so attached to my 8210 was its diminutive size--and its user interface is finally at least up to, or surpassing, where Nokia was two years ago. Granted, the screen and battery life could do with work, but these two are hardly so bad as to be dealbreakers. The T610's a good phone.

Other reviews of the T610: thegareth.net, thevooner.com and Mobile Burn.

Update 1 August 2003 12:50 BST: A short rant on sending SMS messages on the T610.

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mymarkup.net Jul 10, 2003 8:38 AM
Dan Hon konstaterar att Sony Ericsson T610 är en bra telefon. Jag gillar min också, men han tar upp en...
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you wrote: "Described like that, it sounds like a useful feature, until you realise that the backlight gets switched off as well, and you're left with an unlit colour LCD showing the time."

after some lucky accidents, i found out that pressing either the volume-up or -down buttons only switches on the light, making the time perfectly readable.


Posted by: peter on July 18, 2003 05:21 PM

Hi everyone,

I pretty much agree with your comments, specially about the syncronization features. That must be improved. Perhaps an computer interface that allowed more data exchange, like for example from the phone to the pc as well. But I've only had my T610 for a month more or less, experience might have the answer. By the way, Has anybody got to compose a score of music with the phone?, I don't seem to find the music DJ very useful, specially since I can't find a piano keyboard featuring Do, Re, Mi, C, D, E, or anything like that which I know to be a feature in lower range models of the brand like T200, and T300. Please to send any feedback on "sdbbiblio3@hotmail.com" subject "music dj". Tahnk you all.

Posted by: Anton on August 29, 2003 03:41 PM

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