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Friday, 14 February 2003

The curse of massively multiplayer immersive games

I have a new article up on the future of massively multiplayer immersive games, the best example of which to date has been the Microsoft/Warner Brothers/Dreamworks promotion of A.I., with all subsequent attempts crashing and burning

The ultimate problem with the massively multiplayer immersive gaming genre as it stands at the moment is a profound and depressing lack of innovation: since Microsoft/Warner Brothers released the AI promotion (and I hate to be carping on about this), the amount of real and successful innovation in the field has been next to nil. The main (weak) additions to the genre have been that of prize money (and there may well be problems with that, depending on what kind of game you're trying to build), and even more media tie-ins.
To be blunt: they have all, to a greater or lesser extent, sucked. [more]

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