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Friday, 06 December 2002

MyLifeBits, redux

Wired is currently covering Microsoft Research's MyLifeBits project again in what seemed to me to be a double take, but then I realised it's December (this will become obviously relevant later). Anyway:

Although the project is still in the preliminary stages, Bell envisions MyLifeBits evolving into a database application that would form part of the MS operating system. The program would have both a practical and personal side: users could employ the system to record every bit of data relating to a business venture, for example, or to document every stage of their child's development.
To test the application, Bell is downloading his own life onto a hard drive at the MS media lab. His database spans more than a century of data: the first entry consists of photographs of his parents taken as children in 1900 and the last entry (as of Thursday morning) was a website he browsed before he was interviewed for this article. (A technical glitch kept him from recording the interview itself.) [more]

Last time I wrote about MyLifeBits , the papers by the media presence group at Microsoft Research's San Francisco Lab had not yet been made available online, because ACM Multimedia 2002 hadn't actually happened yet. Well, now it has and the Word document (1.4mb) and PDF (297kb) are now available as well as a paper by Gordon Bell and Jim Gemmell. Again, major points for referencing the memex.

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