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Thursday, 31 October 2002

Bug found, user happy, film at eleven

Last time I wrote about Jaguar, I ranted rather incoherently and at great length that I was unable to get certain ctrl-key combinations working in Terminal. At all. Which rendered certain command line apps next to useless. Actually, scratch that, it did render them useless. Well, it's not my fault. It's a bug. Even better, it's not just me, it's reproducible. Here's how:

Go into System Preferences, then "Keyboard" in the Hardware section. Select the Full Keyboard Access tab. Now listen, because here's the science bit - make sure "Turn on full keyboard access" is unchecked, then in the drop-down list "Press Control (ctrl) with: ", select "Letter Keys". Note that full keyboard access as it is should be off. Fire up pico or whatever, and press ctrl-w. Watch in stunned amazement as nothing happens. It seems OS X is still intercepting ctrl-w, and so on, but not actually doing anything about it. Good job is you can stop this nonsense by changing the "Press Control (ctrl) with: " list selection to the function keys, assuming you don't use them.

Ta-da! I have my ctrl-w back.

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