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Wednesday, 21 August 2002

More on Entourage and PST Files

So, I ended up just sticking an imap server on my PowerBook and copying all my email over from Outlook XP that way. For the contacts, I got about halfway through trying to get importing through CSVs, but then gave up since I realised it'd be a damn sight quicker to just type them in anyway. Why was it difficult?

" There are some 87 contact fields in Outlook 2000, 92 in Outlook XP, 78 in Outlook 97, 29 in Outlook Express Windows, and 60 or so in Entourage, only 40 or so of which are actually equivalent. (Incredibly, Outlook allows only 3 email addresses per contact, whereas Entourage permits 13). The fields are all called something else, and they're all in a different order. The scripts take care of all that, often with user options for custom field-mapping and the ability to save your choices so you never have to go through this again." [more, full article]


Anyway, anyone who's making the switch and has a whole bunch of stuff on Outlook to worry about moving over is well advised to read the above article.

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