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Wednesday, September 26

Light relief and introspection

Everyone'e pointing to the brand-new issue of The Onion today. Why? Because it's _good_. Oh, and for anyone who doesn't seem to get it: stop fucking killing people!

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Monday, September 24


I've been busy with lots of things. Weekend just gone, I was mocking up the site for Cloudmakers Inc.. IE5+ only so far. Sorry, but NS4.7 bites.

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Wednesday, September 12

No words for this

As soon as I heard, I made sure the people I knew out there were safe. They were, and I breathed a sigh of relief. That was just my friends, though. No one is going to forget this.

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Monday, September 10

School's in for autumn

... doesn't quite have the same ring as School's out for summer now, does it?

I've been at law school for a week now. Well, I've been in for five working days. Which makes it a week. Kind of. It's weird. I have classes and things, and a shitload of reading materials. I'm in Monday to Thursday from half nine til half one. I've got fourteen hours of taught time and I'm supposed to make it up to forty hours a week. All very strange. I woke up one morning and realised my summer holiday was over. Strange.

I'd have something long, interesting, thoughtful and provoking to write, but right now, I really don't have the energy. I've just actively watched a television programme, the first in about a month that I've wanted to see. All the other times has been mindless channel surfing. I'd love to give you a link, but Channel 4 suck and I can't link directly to a) a programme page that doesn't exist, or b) a listing that isn't linkable. Gits. So if you're that bored and interested in the mundane details of the life of someone who you don't know, then you'll be pleased to know that I watched the first programme of A Child's World because stuff like that is really interesting to me.

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Sunday, September 9


Fucking hell. I've got 1,033 bookmarks.

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Keyword Shmeword

Google Search: circumstances and Google Search: extenuating. I got all me keywords sewn up, I does...

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Saturday, September 8

Patch my bitch up

Hooray for Microsoft for finally doing something they should've done a long time ago: Microsoft Personal Security Advisor, a client-based control that you can run from a website that'll tell you all the patches you need to install, registry settings that should be set (and will set them for you). Woo. For Windows NT4.0 and Windows 2000 only.

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Tuesday, September 4

School Day

After a break of about three years, I'm back at school. Structure has now been reintroduced after two holidays, and countless weeks spent faffing and doing not very much apart from complain about how much crap is on television these days. I started at law school today, headed off to the College of Law at Chester for the first time at around twenty to eleven, sped down the motorway and sat in a classroom full of about forty people. Quite a lot of them knew each other. I knew no one. Just like a first day at school, right?

I get homework now. And I'm not off until the 15th of December. Joy.

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Monday, September 3

Earth-shattering mundanity


I went to Oxford. Then I went to London. I saw people in both of those places. Some of them were the normal faceless people that you see when you go outside, you know the ones. The ones with the faces and the legs and the arms (in fact, most of the time, they have the whole set of limbs that you'd expect people to have), and they go about doing their thing, milling around, doing whatever it is that those faceless people do during the day. I expect that they have jobs and families and things like that. Whatever. They're faceless.

Some of the other people were less faceless. They had, as the majority of the faceless people did, the full complement of limbs and appendages. Some of them had long hair, some of the others had short hair. Some were straight, some were gay, but the lives that they lead were much less indistinct. For instance, I might know that they actually had families and jobs, as opposed to inferring their existence. Some were even more distinct than that. I even knew the names of some, knew their preferences, knew their phone numbers, knew what they liked in their coffee (and whether they liked coffee at all)... These people were much more interesting than the faceless people.

Of course, sometimes faceless people are interesting. You can watch them as they go about their business, and sometimes they do things that can funny or sad, entertaining or just perplexing. Unfortunately, this watching-of-faceless-people isn't much of a fun sport. I know some people (these would be the less faceless and more distinct ones) who can spend ages watching the faceless ones whilst they're sat in a coffee shop. They just stare out the window. I watch the less faceless people, when that happens. You can learn a lot about someone if they're watching other people when you're watching them.

I find the distinct people the most interesting of all. Because, you see, thanks to some sort of interpersonal quantum uncertainty principle, you really don't know what's going on in someone's head at all. You can have people who believe you to be an incredibly close friend who don't really know you at all. Or, alternatively, you can believe you know someone, when all you know is an elaborate facade.

It mostly doesn't matter. That's also the beauty of it. Great, you see?

I'm also quite pleased that I can still write gushy amounts of sheer, unadulterated pretentious crap and lose my focus half way through a paragraph. To have honed abilities like that is nothing short of pure genius, I'll have you know. First person who can fill me in on exactly what I was driving at up there wins a prize, because I sure as hell can't remember.

So, anyway. The weekend. I visited people. It was good (substituted in lieu of using the word "nice" on fear of retribution from anyone old enough to have been taught at school to never use that word).

Lesson learned for the weekend: Just because you think you don't need something doesn't mean that you don't need it. There may be many reasons why you think you don't need it: you might have kidded yourself. You might have just got used to the without that you can't remember how good the with was. Never fall into the trap of complacency. Are you sure you don't need something? Then try it again, just to make sure. And then convince yourself that you can do without.

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