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Tuesday, July 31

States of Consciousness

I'm not the kind of person who keeps normal sleeping hours. That's one of the things that those who know me know well. Over the last few years, I've pretty much perfected the ability to sleep on, well, not very much, and also hideously large amounts at the same time. The last couple of months, though, have seen me move more or less to existing on EDT, whilst actually living in BST.

Short story? Where I am at the moment, I'm definitely sleeping less than what's normal for me. Insomniacal, even. But all the same, definitely sleeping less.

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Thursday, July 26

Scared... or excited?

"I've got that excited scared feeling, like 98% excited 2% scared... or maybe it's more... it could be... it could be 98% scared 2% excited..."

So, it finished, and about seven thousand people are busy filling up a mailing list saying things like this, and it's all... bizarre. Hundreds of people I don't really know are wandering around in a daze now, wondering what to do next and heartily congratulating themselves and a select few band of others.

Anyway. To recover from the epic three-week cavort around Europe, I'm popping out to the shops again. Won't be back til the third of August, but I'm sure if I know you, and you know me, then I'll tell you all about it... (though now I come to think of it, any expressions of luck and its hopeful goodness would be greatly appreciated.)

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Tuesday, July 24

That A.I. Game...

It's over.

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Wednesday, July 18

Holiday, Part 9

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Wednesday, July 11

Holiday, Part 8!

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Tuesday, July 10

Holiday, Part 7!

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Monday, July 9

Holiday, Part 6!

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Saturday, July 7

Holiday, Part 5!

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Friday, July 6

Holiday, Part 4!

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Wednesday, July 4

Holiday, Part 3!

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Monday, July 2

Holiday, Part 2!

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Sunday, July 1


Next installment coming soon!

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