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Collections replaces the old, bloated gallery. Slimming down from over a couple thousand pictures is never going to be easy, but this is a start.

the london trip

4 April 2002, FOUR DAYS in London and Cambridge showing Robin, Debbie and Karen around: the London Eye, the Tower of London, Tate Modern (not shown) and punting in Cambridge. Oh. And a detour to King's Cross Station in the hope of spotting an elusive platform. [more]


1 March 2002, DRIVING BACK from college after an exam, I was more or less blinded by the setting sun--clear skies, and great big ball of flame. Grabbed the camera as soon as I got home, ran out up the hill and took these three. The view is out a cross the Dee estuary and the sun is setting over Wales... [more]

a walk outside

27 February 2002, A WALK outside onto the hill near my house. Sunny day, just right for taking pictures for desktop backgrounds... [more]

la pedera

10 July 2001 PROBABLY THE second most favourite thing we visited in Barcelona, if you tried to describe la pedera as just a bunch of chimneys, you'd be wrong. [more]

parc güell

9 July 2001, A HOT July day in Barcelona. 10am and a one hour walk to Parc Güell, designed by Gaudi. The morning was spent wandering around slack-jawed at what I thought was one of the most fantastic things we saw in Barcelona. [more]

rag punting

25 June 2001, PUNTING IN Cambridge with members of the Cambridge RAG committee (and Dave Cleverly, Expert Punter). Post-exam winding down with oodles of wine in an unstable setting. [more]

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