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Week 12 (ending 12 September 2010)

It’s starting to get a bit manic. The big Nike project I’m working on is a huge chaotic blob with tentacles everywhere., and most of Monday and Tuesday was lost to it. Otherwise, I had a chance to (separately) meet with Duncan Gough, Colin Anderson from Denki and Carl Cavers from Foundation 9/Sumo and chat […]

Week 11 (ending 5 September 2010)

Still behind. Slowly catching up. Short week this one, what with the bank holiday, but that of course means that the week was absolutely mental. Or felt that way. It always feels mental, but in a good way. Tuesday was mostly filled with an agency project that I’m working on along with Eleanor and Alex […]

Week 10 (ending 29 August 2010)

I’m writing these from memory now as I’ve lapsed a little. It’s something I’m not very happy about, but here’s hoping I’ll be able to get back on schedule. Anyway. Spent a bit of time on Fairtrade this week – we had the delightful Mink in working with Ben and Sophie, and it was great […]

Come and be a part of W+K Platform

A quick work-related post: We’ve got this thing at W+K called Platform, and we’re about to launch Season Two – and we’re looking for participants. Here’s what Sam, who runs Platform, has to say about it: We are looking for people from technology and anthropological backgrounds. The aim of their work will be to provide […]

Week 9

I’m late with this one. Week 10 follows. Week 9 was a big one and also marked my second month at W+K London. It started and ended with a lot of Nike, and then a lot of Nokia in the middle, with, again, a smattering of Fairtrade. But also, quite a lot of games stuff […]

Week 8

Mainly busy with Nike this week. Lots going on, lots of conference calls and the team is getting bigger. Should have something to show relatively soon, and super-excited about the people we’re working with. Outside of Nike, lots of smaller things. Fairtrade and Nokia, for starters, and lots of conversations with partners about some projects […]

Week 7

Outside of work was easier this week: an impromptu performance on Twitter, lots of drinks (including my Six to Start leaving drinks), and yesterday, the Conspiracy for Good finale with Dave and Lee, which turned out to be an inordinate amount of fun. A few theories about that bubbling under. Work is steadily going from […]


I was in Portland last week, sat on the sofa in a meeting room, talking over our plans with Jeff and Jan when suddenly Renny ran up to the plate glass, pressed his body against it – not awkwardly, more enthusiastically – and loudly declared that a) we were his favourite people, and furthermore, b) […]

Week 6

A short one, last week having been a long one. Jetlag. Ernesto Neto at the Hayward Gallery. Brunch and coffee with friends on Northcote road. Not getting around to playing Limbo. Thinking about a games curriculum and the games canon. Missing Sherlock. That’s it, really.

Sticker Update

Russell has sent me more stickers. They arrived just before I went off to Portland. Unfortunately, my laptop’s getting quite full. The good news is that the stickers are spreading. Here’s Holly: Actually, it’s more Holly’s laptop though there’s a bit of Holly peeking out at the top. You can see she’s a big fan […]