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Week 5

A full week, one that spilled over into the next one more than usual. That’s good when things are slightly messy. Too tidy means not enough interesting collisions are happening. Not enough serendipity. Mostly work this week. I flew out to the mothership in Portland for a big project I’m working on that’s just getting […]

Week 4

Work-wise, three big things are still Nokia, Nike and Secret Agency Project, but around that, last week I was at the Develop conference. First time I’ve been to a proper games conference, too. I put my typing skills to good use and published a collection of notes. I’m still absolutely stunned as to how relatively […]

Week 3

It’s becoming clear that there are three main projects that I’m working on. Suffice to say that I’m not too comfortable in coming up with BERG-style wonderful project names, but I can instead point to the clients I’m working on: Nokia, Nike and an internal secret agency project. For the last, I suppose I have […]

Week 2

Last week was more of an easing-in, this week was more of a ramping-up. Lots of work on Nike this week. Very excited about what we’re doing. Slightly less Excel this week, and much, much more Omnigraffle as I get the game design and experience sorted out in my head, capped off at the end […]

Week 1

When I was at Six to Start I made a rather lacklustre attempt at writing week notes and, having made the shift from start up entrepreneur to gainful world of employment, never mind being head-first inducted into the world of advertising, I though it’d be a good time to begin writing again. So, counting from […]