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Compare and contrast

Inflection Point, 11 February 2003 Why do we have to manually initiate the save process? We’re already creating a rolling record of all the alterations done to our document: can’t we just spool this all to disk? It’s not as if our disks aren’t big enough anymore: we’re now down to a dollar per gigabyte of […]

What the Fuck is my Gamification Strategy Dot Com

… is something I didn’t bother registering, but if I did, it would say: “Would you like a badge with that?” I suspect someone has already made that joke though. PS. What the Fuck is my Transmedia Strategy Dot Com

Laptop Sticker Update

Quite a lot of action on the laptop sticker front. Also, no one’s told me off yet. So that’s good. First off, Kars sent me some Hubbub stickers a while back. They’ve only just arrived. Here they are: Then, Rowan threatened to send me some Twilight stickers. Which he did. Rowan is allowed to send […]

Laptop Stickers Needed

I’ve got new laptops. My old laptop used to look a bit like this. I was very proud of the stickers on it, especially the light-up Eve. My new laptops (work and personal)  look a bit like this. There’s a nice Newspaper Club sticker on it that Ben gave me, but otherwise, it’s looking a […]

Adobe Updater CS3 Quits On Launch

A project at work has had me spending a not inconsiderable amount of time in Illustrator and Photoshop CS3, and the one thing (well, not the one thing. There are many things) that has been driving me absolutely insane was Adobe Updater CS3 quitting on launch. Every. Single. Time. I’m now immune to Adobe Updater […]

In The Future…

… (and note how The Future is capitalised) we were going to have personal agents, software that would act on our behalf and do things like book cinema tickets, wake us up early if it was raining and the traffic on the way to work was heavy, etc, remind us of our spouse’s birthdays, that […]

10 reasons not to buy Friday’s Telegraph

1) It’s expensive: Buy a daily broadsheet like the Telegraph and you are throwing money down the drain. You will be paying a lot more than other news providers, who are giving their news away for free on the internet or via free newspapers like The Metro. 2) It’s anti-technology: you’re buying a newspaper that […]

The future is Movie OS

The tl;dr headline/controversial summary: Remember Mark Coleran’s (and others) Movie OS motion graphics? Like it or not, I think they’re the real future, and point towards interface and interaction design for the rest of us. Movie OS is right, and everything else we have is wrong. Thesis: Normal people ‘don’t understand’ computers. Of course, the […]

Some predictions about the iPhone OS platform

Some short predictions about Apple and iPhone OS platform devices. WWDC will see an updated iPhone 3GS (running on the same A4 SoC as the iPad) WWDC will see the existing iPhone 3GS processor platform move down to the iPhone 3G Apple will maintain two versions of the iPhone, and two only. Until the switch […]

Implications of the Digital Economy Bill Third Reading

Dear Nick, Many thanks for your reply. I am disappointed to see that Martin voted in favour of the DEB. My understanding is that the DEB will now likely go through to wash-up without sufficient debate at committee or otherwise. I am unaware as to whether you received a reply from Lord Mandelson regarding your […]